● I can’t find the confirmation mail after purchased.
○ Please check Inbox and Junk mail. If nothing was found in both of them, please contact us.

● I have lost my activation code that is going to expire, therefore I can’t buy the renewal product.
○ Please contact us.

● My existing activation code shown invalid when I am trying to purchase renewal product.
○ Please check if you have chosen the correct product that is compatible to your existing product renewal. If you are on the correct page and the problem still exists, please contact us.

● What payment method is available?
○ We accept online payment through Stripe only. Online payment system support Visa, Master, or American Express.

● Is it secure to make online payment on your website?
○ We use Stripe as our payment gateway. Your credit card information and payment are processed through Stripe. Stripe is a global company offers buyer’s protection and is being used all over the world. For more details, please visit https://www.stripe.com

● Limitations for software installation or activation
○ All products sold on our site support Hong Kong and Macau versions only, and must be activated in Hong Kong or Macau region.

● How will the product(s) be delivered? How can I get the installation disc?
○ All products sold on our website are digital products (except specified products). The product activation code will be sent to the email address that you provided during the purchase process after successful payment. We do not deliver any installation disc. Please download the installation file from the link provided by confirmation mail.

● Can I return, exchange or alter the number of user license after purchased?
○ Once the purchase is completed, all digital products and licenses cannot be returned or exchange nor to change the number of users. Please ensure you have selected the product and number of users correctly before payment.

● My software is going to expire, when should I input the new activation code?
○ We recommend you to input the new activation code on the last day before the product expired.

● “Invalid activation code” was shown when I try to input the new activation code.
○ Please ensure that the activation code is input correctly (e.g. 1 and I etc.) If the problem still exists, follow the download link in the confirmation email to download and install the latest version of the software. If the problem is not solved, please contact us.

● I have input a wrong email address during purchase process.
○ Please contact us.